Behind the hexagon

A game by Christophe "chsxf" SAUVEUR & Roxane VALLEE.

Behind the hexagon has been created during the GMTK Game Jam 2023.

How to Play 

There's a hero in this dungeon. But this is not you.

You are the Random God, providing this non-playable character with difficult choices for them to reach the exit of your dungeon.

Each turn, you will be granted up to 6 cards with different properties. You have to select two. The NPC will then have to choose between these two cards and progress accordingly.

The NPC can encounter items, merchants and foes along the way as instructed by the chosen card.

Cards also feature hexagon layouts with walls that will block the NPC's progression.

Don't worry, other cards will also help drive them in many directions.

Each time the NPC moves, they lose 1 Energy point.

Each time the NPC fights a foe, they can lose Health points. Each blow to one of the opponent removes as many Health points as they are strong. As soon as one of them reaches 0 or less Health Points, they die and the other wins the fight.

Strength, Health and Energy can be replenished with potions found along the way or at merchant's.

When reaching a shop, you're presented with 4 item cards. Each card as a cost. Your job is to select one card that will not be offererd as an option to the NPC. Choose wisely.


3D Assets



VFX smoke


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