Builderland-8 - Super Gravity Edition is a tribute to Loriciel's Builderland.

The game is currently produced in less than 48 hours during Retro Game Jam 2015 on the pico-8 fantasy console.

Code : Christophe SAUVEUR
Graphics / Level Design : Fog Ryû

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move the cursor around or select an object in the inventory
  • Press C on an object to grab it and press again to release it
  • Press V to make the character stop walking
  • Pressing C on an empty or non interactive object opens the inventory. Press C again to use the selected object (if possible) or V to close the inventory
  • When the character does not walk (in case it is blocked or you have stopped him), your time reserve is decresing. You lose a life when time's up and comes back to your last checkpoint. If no more life, game's over!
  • You can also be injured by animals or flames!

Thank you for playing!

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