A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game was originally produced for Cheese Burgames, my former studio.

Revery – Duel of Dreamers is a 3D turn-based strategy game with an original gameplay, in a fantastic universe.

Every night, sleepers from all around the world give life to the Land of Revery, populating it with the heroes from their oneiric adventures: the Dreamers. Collect dozens of Dreamers by winning them in the story mode (PvE) and make them setting of adventures mixing battles and tactics puzzles to upgrade them and discover their stories. Moreover, challenge people in the same room or worldwide thanks to the "hotseat" and online Player vs Player modes (PvP).

The Pre-Alpha Demo is downloadable (Windows and OS X) now and contains:

  • 2 playmodes: story (PvE) and "hotseat" PvP (on the same device),
  • 5 PvE missions to discover the World of Dreams,
  • 6 playable characters.

Complete game characteristics:

  • 3 playmodes: PvE, "hotseat" and online PvP,
  • Dozens of PvE missions and characters to discover,
  • Release planed Q4 2016 (premium game) on desktops (Windows and OS X), then on tablets (iOS and Android).


Pre-Alpha Demo (2015.11.23-211 - Windows XP+) 113 MB
Pre-Alpha Demo (2015.11.23-211 - OS X 10.7+) 114 MB

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